This is me 2

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 I am Jacky

二C班 乐沛琳

         Hello, I am Jacky. I am seven years old. I am in Class C Grade Two. I have a small head and short hair. My eyes are big . My ears are small, and my nose is small, too. My favourite sport is badminton. It's so much fun. 



  I am strong

二C班 王瑞麒

           Hello, I am Yoyo. I am seven years old. I have two small eyes and a big nose. I like playing badminton. I like playing table tennis, too. So I am strong.



My name is Li Yi

  二C班   李翊

          My name is Li Yi. I am a pretty girl and 6 years old. I am in Midea School. I have two pairs of pigtail. I have many friends. I like them very much.